i’m making some new commitments, one of which is to let myself be inspired.  i think i have been scared of inspiration, even though there has been so much of it this last year, because i worry if give it the full attention i want to, i’ll end up not paying enough attention to those basic needs (like making rent), which i neglected while writing my first book.

but no more.  Image

i am putting the fear aside.  i’m sure it’ll be right there waiting for me when i come back from kicking some ass.

first, i picked one day in the week to spend only on my own writing and reading.  i can afford to do this not because i have shitloads of money (ha!) and don’t need to earn income every day, but because my writing is work, too.  i chose a weekday so as not to slip into the false impression that writing is just a hobby i do on the weekends.  it is part of my livelihood.

also, i am recommitting myself to my meditation practice.  i am going to start with a hour a day.  i can do half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night, or i can do one full hour sitting.  until i am able to get to a proper 10-day vipassana course (which i’ll have to wait till Spring to do), i will practice on my own.

lastly, i am working on making tutoring/teaching my one and only job because just trying to juggle my calendar has been enough to give me a panic attack – not exactly conducive to staying focused on what’s really important to me.

other steps i’d like to take in the future to improve my focus and production: invest in a writing computer, which will be a different machine from the one i use for internet and everything else; forgo any reading and writing for money, which shrinks the amount of energy and time i have for my own reading and writing needs; find a writing group.

and speaking of inspiration, this artist has me awestruck.  his blog is pretty neat, too.


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