a little sexist? or just plain hilarious?

i like my Yahoo! news alerts because they bring me news like this article about the “most annoying grunter” in women’s tennis.

before i decided i liked writing and singing more than sports, i played tennis.  yes, second doubles for the solomon schechter day school middle school team.  scary but true.  coach always told us that if we grunt when we swing, the ball will go where we want it to.

no he wasn’t at all pervy.  in fact, i found his advice to be quite right, and even now (though it’s happened so infrequently since 8th grade), when i pick up a racket, i make a racket 🙂

in this article and its source article on the (possible) physiological legitimacy of grunting in tennis i am just tickled by the focus on *women* tennis player’s “vocal prowess”and their insistence that we listen/watch/judge the “guttural shrieks” “of the top-3 grunters in women’s tennis history.”

are we amused? disturbed? annoyed? or… turned on (gasp!)?

why do we have such issues talking about women athletes, their bodies, their gender presentation, their strength?  why do we have to say things like:

“Listen to the typical tennis match these days with eyes closed and the accentuating sounds might be difficult to distinguish from a porn flick.”



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