i have never seen anything like san francisco pride in my life.  no pride, no big event, concert, or rally, queer or otherwise, compares.  the sheer number of people is mind-boggling, much less the manic energy, the whipped-up and spit-out madness of the  whole weekend combined.

i saw Delilah perform her brilliant burlesque.  she is delicate and graceful, so seductive and sweet.  her droopy eyes and pointy chin, porcelain skin and costume reminded me of Anais.  she was almost a ghost.

and she was just one delicacy my senses feasted on over the weekend.

i went to the trans march, which floored me in terms of turn out and support.  i approached the hill of Dolores Park with bugged eyes at the sight of it.

but then i saw the dyke march the following day.  people oozed into every crevice, corner, surrounding side street… there was was no way to navigate the park without tripping over stretched-out limbs, picnic blankets, and coolers of beer.  people topless, in costume, sweating in leather, chained to each other, baseball caps and feathers.

i have to say, i have never felt aroused by the sound of bike engines roaring until i experienced the SF dykes on bikes.  i couldn’t see them over the heads of the thousands in front of me, but i heard them loud and clear, emitting a mean and muscular collective growl that served simultaneously as a battle cry and mating call.

by the time the main pride parade on sunday rolled around i was very nearly spent from overstimulation.

and i never thought this possible, but the number of attractive people in SF over pride made me glaze over a bit.  after a while, there were too many sexy people and it was impossible to cruise them all.  so i found myself shutting off my mojo due to sensory overload.

well, i didn’t shut it of *completely* 😉

i will definitely make the pilgrimage to SF pride again.  i can’t imagine ever being over it, or too cool too old or too busy to participate in this feverish, joyful, madcap Bacchanalian queer new year celebration.


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