what to do when i feel intimidated by my students?  i am sitting here reading their free-writes from our last class, totally impressed and engaged and overwhelmed… how can i respond effectively?  there is always so much to talk about in class.  i thought our last meeting went very well, and then i read the free-writes and realized JUST HOW MUCH was not said during our discussion.

i am thinking about taking one or two sentences from each student’s free-writes and typing them up anonymously in one document and handing it out to the class this week.  maybe this will spark further discussions, people will be able to air their thoughts in a more thorough way… i think i can do this so long as i take one passage from each student’s work and keep it anonymous.  they all said some really smart things, i just want them all to know how awesome their classmates are and what wonderful discussions we’re all participating in together!


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