Take What You Want

The six of us have started a collective.  we had our first workshop day today, all day, around a table with soul-warming home-cooked food.  we talked shop, floated ideas, shared work, experimented with projections, laughed a lot, and planned our first installations.  we took a break to walk to the beach and back again under the overcast sky, held by the misty coastal air.

HEIST COLLECTIVE IS: Sarah Burghauser, Kelman Duran, Natasha Mendonca, Ricardo Miranda, Hyesung Moon, Qadriyyah Shamsid-Deen


Heist Collective excavates moments of knowing.

Heist Collective delivers stories of radical political revelation.

Heist Collective shows you what you see.

Heist Collective demands an apology.

Heist Collective divides and conquers.

Heist Collective thinks you should watch your mouth.

Heist Collective marshals the tools to dismantle the Master’s House.

Heist Collective is warning you.

Heist Collective is a group of artists that interrupts traditional modes of knowing.  They are genre-crossers, inter-cultural ministers, and guerilla-art perpetrators.  Heist Collectives knows that art is action.  Heist Collective works in any medium necessary to create a ruckus.  They experiment in photography, film, video, installation, and textual massacre.  They put a screw between the gears of the Knowledge Machine.

Plainly, Heist Collective gets under the skin of human experience and attempts to un-know it.


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TheDoubleEqual is interested in Anais Nin, Smut and subtext, Queer literature, Intersections of oppression, Jewish communities, Memoir, Poetry, All art, Subways, and Violent spiritual awakenings. View all posts by thedoubleequal

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