a how to

i am working on notes and lesson plans for class, and i’m struggling.  i know seasoned teachers rarely talk pedagogy unless they are having a mutual problem with a particular student.  BUT I WANT TO TALK PEDAGOGY.  and i also don’t.  here’s the thing:

i already know what to do in order to yield the results i want in class, it’s just that i have not yet perfected the implementation of those moves.  in other words, i am like a sleight of hand magician: i know what the trick is supposed to look like in the end, and i know the motions to make with my hands in order to achieve that illusion.  but i have not yet mastered the technique.

what i want is for my students to experience the thrill of having an idea.  the rush you get from making connections.  but i also have in mind, as a teacher, things i think they should know about the material.  i don’t want to lecture.  i’m bad at it.  what i think i AM good at is commenting on free-writes, facilitating discussion, distilling student comments, and re-phrasing them in a more teacher-ly way.

practice, practice, practice…

the good news is that my students are certainly doing their part thus far: they do the reading, they speak in class, they engage, they show enthusiasm.  i hope to hold their interest long enough to nurture and sustain this energy throughout!


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One response to “a how to

  • Nate

    Would it help if I told you that I covet your students’ studiousness?
    Don’t fear. You’ll get something nailed down when you need it. For now, enjoy the freedom that confusion allows.

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