i capped my class at 25 students and took no waiting list.  i seem to have a good group.  a mix of dancers, photographers, designers, actors, musicians.  almost all women with curious and enthusiastic smiles.  and now it’s time to deliver the goods.  make sure it’s a kick-ass class.  i hope to stay at least three weeks ahead in the syllabus with my lecture notes and preparations.  i am displaced for the time being because my office is being switched to one that will accommodate an extra body more easily.  some offices already have six professors stuffed into them, a much more cluttered ratio than even the TA offices at OSU.

We are going to begin class with a thorough discussion/deconstruction of obscenities.  because if we are to discuss sex in an open, honest way, we need not only to be able to say the “dirty” words without giggling, we should begin investigating *why* we giggle at particular words.


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