on course

planning my class for next semester is fun!  it’s a great excuse to buy some books that have been on my wish list for a while and, after too long, taking a pencil to the pages of the books i’m reading.

currently, i’m working through a novel by Saikaku Ihara called “The Life of an Amorous Man.”  It’s quite delicately written, though i’m reading it in translation.  both the content at style feel like a cross between the stories in “The Pearl,” the underground Victorian pornographic magazine, and anais nin… except with way more euphemism.

as it turns out, i have to nearly double the amount of material on my proposed schedule because next semester is a whopping 19 weeks long.  so in addition to structuring and framing the material that i know for sure will be on the syllabus, i am also researching additional texts, preferably texts that are not American/European.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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TheDoubleEqual is interested in Anais Nin, Smut and subtext, Queer literature, Intersections of oppression, Jewish communities, Memoir, Poetry, All art, Subways, and Violent spiritual awakenings. View all posts by thedoubleequal

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