val verde of butterfly swarms

i pulled onto Chiquito Canyon, the winding road that leads to my house at 1am and a short but fierce wind storm kicked up, tore through the desert shrubs and rattled the tail of my truck.  i rushed around the curves because driving in val verde at night can be a little spooky even when the winds are low and the desert night chill kisses the tips of your ears.

i think some strange things tend to happen in val verde.  one of my professors recalled driving on the country highway on the outskirts of the village (yes, it feels like a village, not a city, not a town) when she felt the air/atmosphere/energy subtly make an eerie shift.  she stopped her car on the side of the road and suddenly found herself in the very middle of a swarm of migrating yellow butterflies that flapped like little bats and embraced her car for just a moment till they continued on in their bright flock.

it’s an interesting place, val verde.  this is a good article about its history.


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