Nin’s 105th birthday

i missed Anais’ 105th birthday, which was celebrated in February 2008 at the Hammer Museum in LA.  i could have gone since i was in the LA area at that time, and i can’t for the life of me remember what it was that i decided to do instead of go to this event that i surely would have remembered.

alas, i have been watching youtube videos of people from Anais Nin’s circle speaking of their lost friend.  Tristine Rainer recalls that “If you were in Anais’ circle, you had a guardian angel.  She would discern what you needed, and would stop at nothing to provide it for you.”

Deena Metzger says that while Anais made her private life public, there was still a life underneath that.  That it’s easy to get distracted by her drama, her theater, her beauty, and her courage.  “More than anything else,” she pleads, “I want you to take her seriously.  She was a brilliant woman.  What I want you to see is her complexity.”

there is nothing, i think, one can read about Nin, that gives the feeling of who she was more intimately or in as much anecdotal detail, as these memorial accounts.

please watchthey’re beautiful.


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