family business

it wasn’t until fairly recently that i began to consider myself to have come from a line of artists; just in my immediate family, my savtah (maternal grandmother), my older brother, and my aunt are all artists.  my aunt is having a show in a few weeks.  this is her website.

why did i never think of myself as from a family of artists?  was this fact simply overshadowed by other religious and cultural expectations?  was it the assumption that if i showed any creative impulse or talent that i would tuck it away and call it a hobby?

but none of the artists in my family call their art a hobby.  my brother wants to make a career of writing, my savtah and aunt have academic degrees, shows, investments, collectives in their art.

i am in the family business.


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TheDoubleEqual is interested in Anais Nin, Smut and subtext, Queer literature, Intersections of oppression, Jewish communities, Memoir, Poetry, All art, Subways, and Violent spiritual awakenings. View all posts by thedoubleequal

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