it’s just that face-to-face interactions can sometimes be difficult.  i am faced with another person, another body, another mind (as in, another universe), and i am shocked, stunned, debilitated.  this is my experience of interface.  i immediately become a stranger to myself.

i can write but i can’t speak.  you’ll never know what i’m feeling or thinking unless i write you a letter.

Dear Whomever,

I am alone.  Something has been grating on my conscience.  It’s about the lifespan of memory.  Memory is the only thing I know of that is born (in experience) and dies (in forgetting), yet always remains somehow alive (in the body, memories re-emerge).  Whomever, this has been on my mind.  Whomever, where do I go from here?


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TheDoubleEqual is interested in Anais Nin, Smut and subtext, Queer literature, Intersections of oppression, Jewish communities, Memoir, Poetry, All art, Subways, and Violent spiritual awakenings. View all posts by thedoubleequal

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